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Original Title: “Error Tape” Exposes Multiple Problems “Error Tape” Exposes Multiple Problems “The length of one meter can also have a fake ‘?”. ” Recently, a netizen posted that a “non-standard, error tape measure” was sold on the Internet. The merchant made it clear that the scale of the tape measure was different from the normal one. According to the customization, the length of 80 centimeters could be marked as 1 meter. Even the tape measure was normal in the first 3 meters and began to “shrink” from the 4th meter. Some decoration practitioners told reporters that some practitioners use such tape measures for profit, suggesting that owners bring their own tape measures when decorating. (Beijing Youth Daily, 8 January) “Error tape” is a kind of fraud to change the measurement value by adjusting the distance between scales through conscious “error”, so as to achieve profit. The “error tape” has reached the point where it can be “customized” and sold openly, which exposes many problems. In fact, the emergence of “error tape” is not surprising, there are illegal manufacturers,personalised tailor tape, illegal businessmen, and even illegal users, all want to use “error tape” to cheat money, but the development of “error tap” is so “mature”,custom tailor tape, obviously not a matter of a day or two. How to fight with the “error tape”? The first problem exposed by the “error tape” is that the penalty cost is not high. In 2018, the state has cancelled the license for manufacturing measuring instruments, but the production, sale and use of such “error tape” still constitute consumer fraud, and the manufacture and use of such special rulers are illegal, but the question is how many people have been punished by law? On June 17, 2014, garment measuring tape ,printed tape measure, Inner Mongolia Xilingol City Quality Supervision Bureau 12365 reported that the complaint telephone had received complaints from consumers that the tape measure sold by a hardware electromechanical native product store in the city’s 109 market was not standard, which was 10 cm different from the standard tape measure per meter, hoping that the regulatory authorities would investigate and verify it. However, compared with many “error tape measures”, the proportion of such punishment examples is too low to have a deterrent effect. The current Metrology Law stipulates that the use of measuring instruments shall not destroy their accuracy and harm the interests of the state and consumers. It is also stipulated in the Detailed Rules on Penalties for Illegal Acts of Measurement that in marketing activities, those who use measuring instruments of non-legal units of measurement shall be confiscated of the measuring instruments; those who use unqualified measuring instruments and cause losses to the state or consumers shall be ordered to compensate for the losses, confiscate the measuring instruments and all illegal gains, and may also be fined not more than 2000 yuan; Those who use measuring instruments for the purpose of deceiving consumers or impair the accuracy of measuring instruments or forge data, thus causing losses to the state or consumers, shall be ordered to compensate for the losses, confiscate their measuring instruments and total illegal income, and may also be fined not more than 2000 yuan. If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. If we can strictly enforce the law and let the vested interests of the “error tape” and every interest chain be severely punished, this can reduce the manufacture and use of the “error tape” to a certain extent. The second problem exposed by the “error tap” is that the supervision is not enough. The “error tape” can be sold openly on the Internet, which seems to have nothing to fear, which seems to be sure that the usual inspection and supervision is not strict enough. If we check from time to time, or can use big data to check, so that the “error tape” has nowhere to hide, it will not be so blatant; the third problem exposed by the “error tape” is that consumers do not have a strong sense of rights protection, narrow channels for rights protection, and poor results of rights protection. Many consumers simply do not realize that the tape measure can also be “fake” and that there is such a big “error” that users benefit a lot. Once they find that their rights and interests are damaged, they do not know how to safeguard their rights, even if they are, how can they achieve the desired results? The essence of “error tape measure” is “fraud tape measure”. It can be imagined that the tape measure can be so fake, but what about other measuring instruments? Will the same happen? In addition to increasing the cost of breaking the law,bespoken tape measure, we should strengthen law enforcement, open channels and work together to eliminate “error tape”. For other measuring instruments, we should also take precautions and not wait until consumers are deceived before managing them. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com

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