Social Networking and Personal Brand

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Rede Social e marca pessoal

Like any brand of a product or service, mark each of us has attributes, such as personality, interests, profession, skills and competence, appearance, behavior, etc.. Building a brand takes normally requires time and investment. To be effective, a brand, in addition to having to be attractive to your target market, you must be different from the others, so you may easily be selected in the competitive world in which it operates. But beyond the specific characteristics of each brand and have supposed, if we’re talking about a person, are unique, there is a fundamental aspect that should be taken into account: consistency.

For a person to be perceived as being A or B, it should show a set of attributes and behaviors of a coherent and continuous, in all situations that cause all who stay with her contact with the perception that she and really it. The issue here, and that it is the brand that the person wants and / or know you have.

It is important to have the notion that a personal brand, it takes a lifetime to build, can be undone by a single event. Just recently, in the neighboring country, a former politician and current political commentator very respected former was caught by police after causing a traffic accident with a blood alcohol level three times higher than allowed by law. I believe that your personal brand has been seriously affected by the fact and I’m sure if he had thought well that would cause damage in your picture (besides other potential) would have caught a taxi before entering the car.

I cite this example more dramatic, just to reinforce the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe importance of consistency, although they are usually the little things that most affect personal brand lunch without our noticing us. A few years ago, I came to have lunch, I entered the office building of Boyden. It was time to do interviews to recruit a CEO for a company and had a client scheduled to give five minutes. I went to the elevator and greeted with a formal good afternoon person who ever it was expected, I replied with a haughty silence. The arrogance of your posture became completely to realize minutes later that I was the person who was interviewing. However, for me, one of the attributes of his personal brand was set and I did not like. I believe he never knew that fact may have made a difference in your life.

With the advent of social networks, especially those most closely associated with the life ¬¨ deprives many of us are exposed in a way that does not match the personal brand we intend to convey in professional life. I often hear the argument that private life is one thing and life another. Wrong! Our personal brand is, and when people evaluate evaluate it as a whole. And do not think that only “friends” see what is published in the networks. Today it is very easy to see everything that is published. Many recruitment companies will investigate what people post to better know with whom they are dealing.

My advice is to be very judicious / the respect of all who post on social networks. And the criterion should be whether you agree or not with the personal brand you want to have. Besides it should not be forgotten that once online, allways online, ie never publish anything that would later come to regret. Life takes many turns and you never know where it will be (or where it would be) in five years.

Social networks should be used strategically as a marketing tool for personal brand management. Of course, for those who have this as a priority a successful career.

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