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Emprego Saúde is an online platform for announcing job opportunities and support the management of recruitment processes addressed to health professionals.

Proximity, trust and quality are values ​​we believe in and therefore intend to have an interventionist stance through our blog that will be powered by the testimonies of professionals who share their experience of recruitment and work in different contexts and locations. We will also publish articles of interest to follow the rapid changes in the labor market.

Our ultimate goal is to promote interaction between our recruitment partners and potential health care professionals interested in the offers available.

Emprego Saúde provides the following features.emprego_saude_profissionais

For candidates:

• Search for jobs by keyword, category and type of offers (Free).
• Online submission of resumes available for registered candidates wishing to join our group of professionals  in active search of employment opportunities (free).
• Submission of applications directly to job offers published on the platform (free)

For advertisers / recruiters:
• Publication / dissemination of job advertisements in Portuguese territory (Free).
• Publication / dissemination of job listings outside Portugal.
• Home to the company profile.
• Reception of CV of candidates for employment opportunities published.
• Disclosure of offers in our area highlights.
• Propagation of these ads on facebook, linkedin and twitter.
• Disclosure of job offers to our subscribers email alerts.
• Search CVs of candidates in active job search.

These new features will allow full autonomy in managing ads and submissions of applications through the candidate profile and company, saving time and money in the recruitment process.

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